No deal Brexit

Tuesday 09th July 2019 16:09 EDT

None of the two contestants for the Prime Ministership Boris Johnson and Jermyn Hunt have any idea what will happen after 31 October, 2019. 

Although both have said if EU does not agree to a new withdrawal agreement, then will go for a ‘no deal’ Brexit. To do this they will have to first get the approval of the parliament, which they very well know, they will not get it. So they are contemplating to prorogue the parliament and go ahead with the ‘ ‘no deal’ arrangements.

Sky News reports that the UK government won’t need to pass legislation in order to revoke Article 50 if the European Court of Justice (ECJ) confirm an initial opinion reached in early December 2018.  

Agriculture is part of the largest manufacturing sector, food and drink, which is worth more than the car industry and the aerospace industry put together. They employ one in seven people so it is really, really serious for Britain

No deal Brexit could affect trade, employment, food standards and animal welfare: No one has so far worked out the total disruption this move will have on the economy, political, social and cultural maters. The only alternative is to leave in an orderly and friendly manner or cancel Brexit.

The UK government has already been found in contempt of parliament. If the government yet again ignores parliament, the UK will be plunged into a full scale constitution crisis not seen since 1910. Parliament is sovereign. It represents the views of the British public, as expressed in elections for MPs. Parliament is in charge of government. Brexit is already an intense political crisis.

A government which repeatedly ignores parliament and triggers a UK constitution crisis with unknown consequences. This should not be allowed to happen and hopefully it will not happen, if good sense prevails. 

Baldev Sharma

Rayners Lane, Harrow.

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