Namaste Trump

Tuesday 25th February 2020 17:14 EST

I was amazed to see the Namaste Trump event on 24th Feb. Tremendous efforts, made by the Modi govt. to welcome President Trump, were quite evident. 

Modiji’s warmth and friendship were seen throughout the event whether it was receiving them at Ahmedabad airport, showing them round the Gandhi Ashram or being on the stage at the great Motera Stadium. Both the leaders spoke from their heart and hinted at strengthening their ever lasting trade partnership. This was Modiji’s answer to Trump’s Howdy Modi Event; both were equally spectacular. People of Ahmedabad responded positively and gracefully. It was so scintillating to see a jam packed Motera Stadium roaring in tune cheering both the leaders during their respective speeches. 

Although President Trump struggled to pronounce few names such as Vivekanand, Sachin and Kohli, I appreciate the fact that he included them along with Bollywood and it’s movies in his speech. He is a powerful person, he doesn’t have to say all these names, without mentioning them even he could have simply talked about Indo-US trade. But no, he chose to do so. I truly appreciate the fact that he put in his efforts to remember and mention about these personalities in his speech; which was received with great cheer and applause throughout the stadium. Modiji’s speech was brilliant as always; happiness was seen on his face hosting the Trump family. Both of them are intelligent & important personalities and will certainly form great trade deal during the visit. 

Finally not to forget the newly built Motera Stadium. I had been there few times during my childhood; what a Beauty it looks now with a Beast like capacity of 110,000. Let’s call it the Beauty & the Beast of Cricket. 

Devang Bhatt,


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