Media spreading fear and rumour

Monday 16th March 2020 09:21 EDT

Media, especially TV news and documentaries are supposed to give facts, figure and reassure viewers on the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus epidemic that is an unpleasant topic of conversation at dining tables, sensationalising news and projecting worse prediction, deadly scenario that would play on people’s minds, mesmerising many who rush to supermarkets to fill their trollies with food, drinks and other essential items that would last, may be for a year or so, thus depriving others, especially less able and housebound older people of their fair share! This is mediocre, materialistic society of the worse kind and government has failed to act!

One news item that scares many OAPs is that government is going to confine over seventies to their homes for four months, even more, depending on the circumstances, not even allowing close family members to visit them. But these news media fails to explain what help is available to them as to shopping, house cleaning, hospital visits and other emergencies. 

Moreover many such older generation, especially highly qualified professionals like chartered accountants, pharmacists, lawyers and even GPs are gainfully employed, either managing their own business or gainfully employed. Surely such restrictions could not, should not apply to them, as they provide good living to their families, loved ones and moreover they are much needed work-force the country so badly needs in our hour of apprehension! 

The government and media constantly refers to panic buying of such necessities like rice, flour, pasta, dried fruits, long-life milk and other items like toilet rolls, soap bars, wet tissues and hand creams, lotions, as if life would come to an end if we run out of soap bars! 

What I fail to understand is why supermarkets and other retail outlets do not put restrictions on items in demand so that everyone gets a fair share of such necessities, or they do not care as long as the tills are ringing!

Kumudini Valambia 

By Email 

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