Make Ram Mandir a symbol of peace, progress and harmony

Monday 02nd March 2020 12:04 EST

As per PM Modi’s sentiment, (AV page 25) Lord Rama’ temple should be constructed with the cooperation, goodwill and blessings of all communities, including Muslims, as it will become a hub of economic regeneration, mainly through pilgrimage, competing with holy city of Mecca, benefiting every one beyond political, cultural and religious divide.

Although India was divided on religious ground, vast majority of Indian people (Hindus) chose to adopt secular constitution where everyone has prospered economically, culturally and socially beyond their wildest dreams, both Muslim and Christian population more than doubled since independence, in sharp contrast to neighbouring countries where ethnic cleansing has more or less wiped out minorities while the rest of the world watching this massacre in silence!

If India has to progress and prosper, compete against totalitarian China, unity, loyalty, peace and harmony among all Indians is of utmost importance. India has already replaced Britain as the fifth largest economy with higher GDP, only America, China, Japan and Germany towers above India. But for India to progress further will take a herculean efforts, as those four countries above India are in a different league.

As there is plenty of land available, give the temple an ever grander exposure beyond religious confine, with vast articulated design, a mini forest, heaven for wild life, especially for local and migratory birds, in line with Lord Krishna’s Vrindavan, all in one development to make it a true hub for religious, cultural, social and environmental enthusiasts that should bring peace, progress and harmony in this long disputed land, fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi’s dream of united, friendly, secular and prosperous India for every citizen who considers India as their homeland. 

Bhupendra M. Gandhi 

Via Email

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