Lost lives in Delhi

Monday 09th March 2020 15:02 EDT

It is really shocking to learn that nearly 46 precious lives of innocent people have been lost in Delhi (Asian Voice dated 7-13 March 2020).

Some groups of people who have least concerned about CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) tried to get maximum international mileage by instigating different communities during a prestigious state visit of Mr. Donald Trump, the US president.

I think international media also added fuel in the fire by giving biased report and repeatedly showing atrocities against a particular community instead of reporting with truthfulness. It looked as if interviews of some of the people were pre-prepared.

People who lost their lives were citizens of India and were not going to be affected by CAA. But some vested interested played a pivotal role in ruining peace from families of innocent people. Since India is marching with economic success of having more than 5% growth rate and has already become 5th largest economy in the world ahead of the UK and France, there may be some outsiders who tried to tarnish the image of the country by promoting hatred against each other.

It is time to think about economic prosperity and security from a holistic perspective keeping aside  narrow personal or political interests. Common public is interested in living with harmony and peace to get prosperity. I pray to God  almighty to give peace to those people who lost  precious lives and give wisdom to innocent people to think for peace, progress and prosperity.  


Hitesh Hingu


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