Kenya exodus and their excellent settlement in UK

Tuesday 08th January 2019 14:10 EST

The full story needs to be told and especially now at the time off it’s golden jubilee. No other newspaper or magazine other than Asian Voice can, with it’s strong East African connection, can embark on such an important mission. I wish you all the best and promise you my best efforts to help promote the project and provide some valuable information.

I was born and raised in Nairobi. Amongst my many friends were several Gujaratis and, of course, the Punjabi community which is my own. I knew a number of Gujaratis from various walks like Tailors, Valands and others and many of them are also now well settled in the UK. The Lohana community, of which you published an extensive article by Subhash Thakrar as well as some others in the last few weeks, have inspired me a lot.

The Darji community in the UK have progressed extremely well from the traditional trade into various walks of life in the enlightened and progress environment of Great Britain. I happen to know Ishwar Tailor from the bigone days and am aware of his sterling achievements in Preston and Lancashire in various fields. He is the ideal person to coordinate the content of the Darji profiles in the UK.

May I also suggest that in due course you similarly provide space and opportunity for other communities like the Punjabis, Sikhs, Ismailis, Borahs, Mehmans and many others.

Since our fourth migration in 1969 not only have we flourished in the UK but our younger generation with the added advantage of a British education and a positive environment are now engaging several unimaginable and creative entreprises.

Ranjit Sharma


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