Kenya Exodus and British Darji Community Profile

Tuesday 08th January 2019 14:11 EST

Dear Readers, 

After the recent announcement on our upcoming projects, Kenya Exodus and British Darji Community profile, we have received several responses and suggestions from our readers and well wishers. People have welcomed these ideas wholeheartedly. 

Our valued readers wish us to carry on with these projects and even extend the themes to other communities as well. We will be most grateful for any further suggestions or advice from our Readers. 

If anyone is willing to join  us , Full Time or Part Time in editorial or revenue generation, we  would welcome your co-operation for this projects. Kindly forward us your updated CV, along with your experience and preferences to [email protected] at the earliest. 


C.B. Patel

(Publisher/Editor, Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar)

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