Tuesday 03rd September 2019 17:21 EDT

To: Rt Hon Anna Soubry MP- [email protected]

Dear Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group on Muslims,

 You may or may not be aware that two days ago a young Sikh girl was abducted in Pakistan, forcibly converted to Muslim faith and married off to a Muslim man.   All this against her will.

I have discussed this shameful incident with my family, friends and colleagues.   I am sure many other people have as well, and will continue to do so for some more days to come.

Does our discussion mean we are Islamophobic?   Will we be castigated from the community of the UK?   Will fatwa be issued against us?

I am confused and I will be grateful if you could put my mind at rest with your clarification.

I may share this e-mail and your reply with my family, friends and colleagues and others as we all are genuinely worried by this banana republic attitude by British parliamentarians and others.

Chuni Chavda

By email

(NB: At the time of printing the MP had yet to respond to my letter.)

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