Is President Trump a toothless tiger?

Tuesday 14th January 2020 17:07 EST

We all know media in every democratic country has unimaginable power to completely distort facts, figures, truth and political thinking in a way that was not possible only a few decades back. 

The West has targeted Russia, turned it into a pariah State while ignoring China’s atrocities in Tibet, bullying neighbouring States like India, Burma and Vietnam, once China’s closest ally and turning China Sea into China’s personal domain, without a murmur from the West.

While President George Bush, PM Tony Blair, PM David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy were eager participants in open war against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, often based on dodgy dossier, misinformation and propaganda, destroying these countries infrastructure, patriarch President Trump has so far resisted US involvement in such misadventures.

Although Iran tormented US with attacks on oil tankers passing through Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman, involved in arming Shia faction in Yemen Civil war and direct attack on Saudi Arabian oil infrastructure, the downing of unarmed US drone, American answer was the assassination of Iranian General Suleiman, not in Iran but in Iraq!     

Even missile attacks on two American bases in Iraq, President Trump took it on the chin, expressing relief that this may bring this unsavoury episode to an end, especially with loss of completely innocent lives of 176 people on board the doomed civilian aircraft, brought down by an Iranian missile, indeed a tragic mistake! 

Trump takes out his anger through twitter, a paper tiger, godsend gift he harnesses with skill that does not fire bullets. His true victims are luckless refugees camped on US, Mexican border who wants to enter US and start a new life!

Luminary President Trump even envisages prestigious “Noble Peace Prize” for defusing tension between North Korea and the West, although final solution, peace treaty and end of sanctions is as far in the distant as it ever was! Could this be an interlude for the forthcoming American election, a second term he badly needs to carry out his economic reforms!

Bhupendra M. Gandhi        

By email  

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