Is Hinduism an ultra-modern religion?

Monday 09th March 2020 15:06 EDT

We all know Hinduism is the oldest and culturally richest religion in the world. Hinduism has no founder saint, guru or leading holy personality, unlike Christianity founded by Lord Jesus Christ, Islam by Prophet Mohamed, Sikhism by Guru Nanak and Buddhism by Lord Gautam Buddha. Hinduism has evolved over centuries; some may say it is over ten thousand years old while others put it back to fifty thousand.

Reading our holy scripters like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagwat Gita, every word uttered by Lord Krishna before start of the epic battle, one may wonder how come these literature is so advanced that some of the inventions, weapons described therein are not even on drawing board today! The evidence of bridge Lord Rama’s engineers built, foundation stones laid equidistance, joining mainland Bharat to Shri Lanka are even visible today from satellite. While the blind king was watching, rather listening to the Great War, Mahabharata on television!

Indian and Western archaeologists’ unearthed remains of Lord Krishna’s city Dwarka, off the coast of Gujarat, in deep and turbulent coastal waters proved beyond doubt the existence of modern city built by engineering supremo Lord Vishvakarma who even today guides, educates and encourages his followers who wants to climb the ladder on the engineering front.

Studying some of Indian, Hindu customs, cultures and tradition, once frowned upon by the West are now widely accepted and acted upon in most Western nations, such as preferring cremation over burial tradition that was the only way for Hindus to dispose of bodies once the soul, the 'Atma' has deserted human body!

The second popular Hindu custom coming into prominence is to greet each other, not by shaking hands or three kisses on cheeks but by saying 'Namaste' with folding hands from a distance! It is pity that it has taken coronavirus to make Namaste popular, perfect way to greet any one, from prince to pauper! It is time for our dynamic younger generation to take pride in our culturally rich Hindu religion and say with pride “I am Hindu!”

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

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