Is Britain the worse governed nation in EU?

Monday 04th February 2019 12:38 EST

Not long ago, Britain ruled over quarter of the world land-mark and one third of world population living under British rule, stretching from Hong Kong in the East to West Indies, British Guyana in the West and Falkland Islands in extreme South. India was jewel in the crown, losing India brought British Empire to early demise, end of British dream and ambition to be a major military power, to rule the waves in perpetual.

How mighty have fallen! It seems now Britain can hardly govern itself, let alone other countries. Then it is same all over the world. Italy boasted Roman Empire; Turkey had Ottoman Empire that ruled most of Eastern Europe, stretching to Middle East, established by warrior king Suleiman.

Then there was Greek, Macedonia, (Alexander the Great), Byzantium, Moghul, Japanese, Chinese and a few more countries who ruled part of ancient world, at one time or another. But most of these countries have lost their power, ambition, even the ability to govern themselves wisely and efficiently and that unfortunately include Britain.

Reminiscing recent past history since end of WW2, Britain hardly had politicians we could be proud of, with the exception of tiny few. Tony Blair could have gone down in history as one of the best PM if he had not been manipulated by US President Bush and led this country into disastrous, unjustified war with Iraq.

Same mistake was committed by David Cameron who, along with France invaded Libya, dethroned Colonial Mohamed Al Ghaddafi and turned stable country into permanent civil war among its different tribes, a rich nation now reduced to banana republic.

When Mrs May took over the reign, we hoped she would follow into the foot-steps of illuminating Iron Lady Thatcher, wielding her hand bag as a weapon to keep unelected, power hungry EU bureaucrats like EU President Jean-Claude Juncker and Chief Negotiator Michael Barnier at bay. Instead PM May was isolated, humiliated by tiny nations like Malta. While EU calls Gibraltar British Crown colony, we hesitate calling Canary Islands as Spanish colony! This will shut up Spain once and for ever!

British politicians and media have continuously spread gloom and doom if Britain leaves EU without agreement, while truth is that with £90 billion trade deficit in favour of EU and German cars clogging our roads, EU and especially Ireland will be at more disadvantage than Britain that is if our politicians show self-belief, confidence and courage.

How come Netherland, with similar climate, is leading exporter of soft fruits and vegetables, grown under green houses, using latest technology? Britain can become self-sufficient in food if it follows Netherland.

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

Via Email

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