In appreciation!

Tuesday 09th July 2019 16:09 EDT

I am indeed avid reader of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar for a very long time. As I do not regularly buy national newspapers, these weeklies are more of less my only source of information, supplemented by TV media. 

The news we appreciate are vast and varied coverage of events from our “Motherland Bharat” especially from Gujarat which is unique feature of these weeklies. Readers Voice in AV and its counterpart in GS, along with Editorial Comments, Alpesh’s Political Sketchbook, Bollywood and CB’s Jivan Panth are my favourite read. Rupanjana also deserves special mention for her numerous, well researched articles. 

At one time there were many contributors to “Readers Voice” but now numbers have dwindled, although Baldev Sharma, Jubel D’Cruz and few more make worthwhile contributions. 

But in Bhupendrabhai and Kumudini, you have regular contributors; picking subjects that are unique, informative and makes pleasant reading and that include “Hell of Water World” and “Flourishing Wildlife in Metropolitan London” in last week’s AV.

 I did not know about flourishing wildlife in Richmond Park, although we regularly use these roads passing through the park while visiting friends’ in Surrey. Now these journeys will have special significant!   

I have also read Bhupendrabhai’s two popular novels, Ivory Tower and Olive Grove, books borrowed from our local library. Although most libraries do not stock them, they will willingly order them upon your request if you give them proper details, obtainable on Amazon.

Dinesh Patel

Edgware, Middlesex

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