Hinduism - a family of religions

Tuesday 14th May 2019 18:48 EDT

Sir, I agree with Mr Vasant that Hinduism is actually a family of religions and it is difficult for most people to understand but that does not mean that all of us did not have mothers and certainly Hinduism gives the highest place to a mother. At least that can be understood by everyone, of course the Swamies do not intend to disrespect women but they do!

Mr Vasant goes on to tell us about the most powerful Goddess in the Hindu Pantheon, no doubt if she happened to appear on earth she would be forbidden to enter the presence of the Swamies!

If the Swamies are at the highest dimension of chastity then they should live away from the world, not run a big business like Neasden Temple, many Brahmacharis teach men and women about the Gita and other scriptures, they don’t feel contaminated by the presence of females.

Baroness Flather

By email

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