Happy Republic Day

Tuesday 29th January 2019 09:21 EST

Motherland, means to be loved as much as we love Mother. We love Mother at any age, in any shape more than ourselves. Non residents in general never like if their Motherland is criticized in any form even if it is most of the time constructive, How NRIs can help ? 

At least pay taxes in India honestly if you have taxable income in India the way we pay honestly here. Make payment by cards, cheques whenever possible, Insist for tax paid receipts for purchases over 1000 -2000 rupees. Money exchange also must be through official routes. 

Avoid little greed on these financial support to country. It could be an example for others and will help governments and people. We know success of western world and other most prosperous countries is largely due to honesty in people and governance. Let us make a commitment on Republic day.

Vidyut Mehta

South Wales

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