Gujarat moving at full speed

Wednesday 13th March 2019 05:08 EDT

When Narendra Modi took over reign of Gujarat, he changed the course and fortune of the State, making Gujarat hub of industrial development, removing red tape that frustrated industrialists who wanted to move to Gujarat. This was common problem though-out India, especially in West Bengal where Tata Motors struggled for three years to build factory to manufacture Nano, the smallest and cheapest car in the world. 

So when Ratan Tata received text message, followed by telephone call from Gujarat Chief Modi, inviting him to manufacture the vehicle in Gujarat, he jumped at the God given opportunity, as he was getting frustrated by the attitude of West Bengal government, as well as Trade Union who were making unrealistic demands, compensation for land, wage, holiday and sickness pay and other demands which were difficult to concede even before single vehicle was built.

So when Modi moved to Delhi to take up reign at Center, we all thought Gujarat’s progress on all front will be difficult to maintain without his leadership and it proved to be justified, as under uninspiring leadership of Anandiniben Patel, progress was indeed halted. Fortunately after the incident of Dalit beating outside police station, outcry forced her to resign, replaced by Vijay Rupani who proved to be capable replacement, following into the foot-steps of Modi.

Now the development of Gujarat on all fronts is at its best with two new medical universities established to give Gujarat and India doctors, pharmacists and medical auxiliaries, as well as giving prominence to ancient, tried and trusted Ayurvedic medicine a boost. No wonder Gujarat attracts medical tourists from Middle East, Africa and even from the West, for heart, kidney treatment but foremost for dental treatment, implants that has become fashionable, replacing dentures.  

Tourism is also high on his list, as Gujarat has some wonderful beaches in Diu and Daman, former Portuguese enclaves, now Union territories. These two islands, separated from the mainland by a shallow water creek is already favourite place for local people. It is well developed with wide dual carriageway. Then there is Mount Girnar with lion reserves, as well as many religious places, for Hindus and Jains. The most important is temple of Somnath, practically on beach, rebuilt recently. Now three kilometre zone around the temple will be declared a veggie zone, to the delight of many pilgrims who visit this place annually. It would be nice to hear from readers who may have visited these places!

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

By email

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