Freebies misconception

Wednesday 06th March 2019 07:37 EST

I refer to Shri Dineshbhai’s letter in last week’s AV, “No Freebies” commenting on my letter titled “Reading AV/GS online”. Yes, on most part we share wavelength and support each other. But to differ occasionally is spice of life and that gives “Readers Voice” such high standing that attracts comments from some lustre, prominent writers. 

However Dineshbhai has missed the point, as we share same value when it comes to freebies.  Reason may be that he finds it difficult to read letters exceeding 250 words, as he has expressed it so often in his letters. 

Quoting from his recent letter “Short, Sharp and Succinct” (09/02/2019) he writes, “Too long letters are unwieldy and put me off from reading. Long winded letters become boring and make me skim through them instead of digesting contents.”

This is how he read my letter without digesting contents, as I wrote, “I also feel that it should be available either free to SUBSCRIBERS or paying a small amount in the region of £5 to £10 extra with our yearly subscription while non-subscribers paying full price, as is the norm with many ethnic publications.” I am more than willing to pay £10 extra with my subscription to read AV/GS online. So where are freebies! This will substantially increase revenue, not decrease it. 

However newspapers generate most revenue from advertising, not from subscription. That is the reason why so many national and local newspapers are distributed free at supermarkets and tube-stations. I hope this clarifies the unintentional innocuous misunderstanding. 

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

By email

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