Five minutes of fame

Tuesday 03rd September 2019 17:20 EDT

People who read my letters in AV and GS often ask me what monetary or otherwise rewards I get for my published letters in this column. I have to tell them that I write out of interest. I do not expect or indeed get any financial benefits from this. 

The immense pleasure and self satisfaction I get in seeing my name in the print cannot be described in words. What started as a first hesitant letter a decade or so ago has grown from strength to strength and now stands at over 500 published letters. 

In my retirement from 35 years’ work in the Civil Service (Department of Education and Science) where my job consisted of drafting speeches, briefings and letters for ministers, the contributions in this column keep my brain ticking. I feel proud when people recognise me as one of the writers on this page.  In these days of fast moving life, if one does not keep the brain ticking, it would not be too long to succumb to diseases of the brain like Alzhameirs’ or dementia to take grip on the person who does not take positive steps to exercise the brain. 

Many retired people do not take part in activities which challenge the brain and thus let the functions of the brain go downhill. I would encourage them to cultivate an interest like joining a club or going out and about. Perhaps join this column as a letter writer?

Dinesh Sheth

Newbury Park, Ilford

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