Doomsday scenario!

Tuesday 25th February 2020 17:14 EST

Recent heavy rains in England, Scotland and especially Wales have created unprecedented situation this country has never faced before. If this is the effect of climate change, then worse is still to come, yet our politicians, academics and scientists are wallowing in the bliss of ignorance, failing to act until it may be too late! It seems younger generation is more aware of this threat than adult population.

Watching villages submerged by rising waters, reminded me of Kevin Costner’s 1995 movie “Water World”. Could this fictional movie’s plot become reality one day! Well, it is a million dollar question that we could ignore at our peril.This 1995 movie is clever entertainment with stirring effect on knowledgably audience predicting what may engulf humanity if we ignore climate change scenario, when climate change discussion was in its infant stage. That is why movie was not taken seriously by any one, dismissed as a cheap entertainment rather than clever prediction, way before the time.

Polar ice is already melting at an alarming speed. North and South Polls, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans together unbelievably hold some 80% of the fresh water stock of the entire world. In this fictional movie, these ice-caps melts, raising sea level by hundreds of feet, submerging practically entire world, with the sole exception of some mountainous regions, decimating human population, tiny number of mutated survivors’ living in boats with piracy and total mayhem, searching for dry land! Climate change affects us in many ways, with floods in Europe and South East Asia, bush fires in Australia and California; draughts in Mali, Northern Kenya and Somalia, as well as frequent earthquakes. 

Some African countries are invaded by vast swarms of locusts, a type of African grasshoppers that come alive once in a decade or two but swarms consist of billions of these hungry insects that turn vast areas of the continent bare of vegetation, eating any type of vegetation, causing hunger and famine in these already starving nations, depending on UN food aid to survive.

Kumudini Valambia

By email

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