Divided we stand

Monday 22nd September 2014 17:30 EDT

The US Federal system of government raises 60% of US taxes and the States raise 40%; whereas in the UK, Westminster parliament raises 97% of taxes.

A federal system is not doable in the UK because of the North South wealth, resources and skills divide in many areas. For example, the monetary value of the richest ten Boroughs’ properties in London is greater than the entire wealth of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland put together.

The other issues are national identities, demographics and divisions of wealth between the English themselves: North England, Middle England and South England.

The next step should be to convince Scotland that it is in their long term interest that Westminster parliament takes a decision to adopt a United Kingdom written constitution. 

The second step would be to draft such a Constitution and get it approved by Parliament and adopted on a permanent basis. 

Only then can legislation be drafted about devolved regional newly created six states: Scotland; Wales, Northern Ireland; North England; Middle England and Southern England, with population concentrations between 6-16 m: million within each newly created State.

The manner in which plans are being made now are like building the first floor, second floor, etc. without any ground floor.

Nagindas Khajuria

By email

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