Demi gods

Tuesday 09th July 2019 16:09 EDT

I am sure most of us Indians were put to the Tebbitt test when India played against England in the ICC cricket world cup on 30 June. 

Readers will know that Norman Tebbitt, a former minister, had said to the effect that Indians who were living in England would support the Indian team when the Indian team played against England in a cricket match. In the event India lost. 

They lost in the only game they are good at and occupy a prestigious place in the world of sport. We say that a game is a game but in cricket, like in football, lots of money is at stake and like the film stars, cricketers are put on a pedestal like demi gods.

It is a shame that our heros failed to come up to the aspirations of their supporters. Now the tennis season is upon us and our eyes are glued to the TV screen watching tennis. But why is there not a single Indian player taking part in the Wimbledon tournament? Is it because of a lack of support from sponsors or from the Indian Government? 

Once we used to excel in hockey but even that has been lost to us. In the absence of sponsors, the Indian government needs to encourage our youngsters to participate in the game of tennis in order that we can have a player or two to represent India at Wimbledon in this interesting to watch game.   

Dinesh Sheth

Newbury Park, Ilford

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