Covid19 - UK response

Monday 16th March 2020 13:33 EDT

With the whole of Italy now in lockdown for at least a month, I am surprised that we are not screening all passengers arriving at our airports and seaports. May be we do not have enough screening equipment or enough trained staff to carry out the screening.

We know that the Government is taking advice from both the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Officer on the timing of the calibrated response to this global health crisis.

Despite this, I feel that the screening of all entering the UK via air or sea routes should be introduced immediately to minimise the risk to the population by identifying anyone who tests positive so that he/she can be treated or asked to self isolate to prevent cross infection. It appears that the UK is failing to learn the lessons of the crisis in Italy, South Korea and China.

Nigel Farage stated that we are being negligent is failing to screen incoming passengers and I tend to agree with him.

Dinesh Rai

By Email

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