Coronavirus, Fact, Truth and Fiction!

Monday 16th March 2020 08:44 EDT

Some pundits say there may never have been such a natural disaster since the Spanish flu of 1918 when some 50 to 100 million people perished. If this epidemic is not brought under control by autumn, although summer months will reduce the risk with more hospital beds available due to winter flu and other such illnesses in decline during warm and sunny spring and summer months, it may cause havoc economically, many businesses, even well-known brand names disappearing for good. It would be survival of the fittest that is the one that receives highest subsidy from their government that does not include our own who plays Shylock at home and Robin Hood overseas.

Listening to PM’s press conference after Cobra meeting when he painted gloomy picture of this country meeting the same faith as Italy within 6 to 8 weeks, with elderly hardest hit, even hinting very high casualty among over 80s who acquire Coronavirus. Thus best way to keep safe is to avoid getting it in the first place.

It is indeed scandalous that government has made no plans to help elderly, OAPs, disable and chronically sick people many of whom are housebound while, young, fit and above all greedy and selfish people clean supermarket shelves in panic buying.

Social media is awash with rumours, innuendos and outright fiction, some blaming China for creating pandemic situation through negligence pointing out that China was creating such dangerous virus in laboratory to help her increase its territory, especially at the expense of India, landmass China would like to acquire, such as Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Bhutan and part of Kashmir. These territories may not be an asset to China if already over populated, unlike Tibet, one of the least populated landmass when China annexed it, with blessings of Nehru and now populated with Chinese, Tibetan’s being a tiny minority in their own homeland.

Such virus may help China to cleanse it of human population, thus enabling it to bring its own citizens. The plan may be to release such a deadly virus after it has developed vaccination to protect their own people. But unfortunately it may have escaped due to negligence or even deliberate act on part of decent Chinese scientists with courage of conscious! 

Bhupendra M. Gandhi

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