Climate and cars

Tuesday 04th June 2019 17:47 EDT

(From The Times)

Sir, Your article highlights how the government’s electric car “initiative” so clearly has not been thought out (“Towns need rapid chargers if drivers are to go electric”, News, June 1). How does the government expect the millions of on-street parkers to charge their vehicles? Has it started to change building regulations to require all new development, private and commercial, to have fast chargers? Has it a programme to provide fast chargers at all public and private car parks? It takes about five minutes to fill my economical diesel car with fuel, bought because the government promoted these vehicles as fuel and low-C02 efficient. I can drive more than 400 miles to my next five- minute stop. Charging will take at least 30 minutes and mean that I will have to stop at least three times during my journey. There is, of course, a need to improve the air we breathe but please let’s have policies thought out in a measured manner.

Richard Rivett 

High Wycombe, Bucks

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