Children being robbed of their childhood joys

Tuesday 03rd September 2019 17:21 EDT

Shortages of affordable homes in supposedly fifth biggest economy are not only a disgrace, but it robs children of their childhood joy, sentiments and memories that should serve these deprived children well in their adulthood. 

We all know thousands of families live in overcrowded homes, converted office blocks where family of four share just one bedroom with common cooking and bathroom facilities, so often shared between a dozen families. Latest and most disturbing concept of lack of affordable homes is use of containers, described as “Hell Homes” not fit for animals, except for those animals being transported to slaughter houses!

These containers made of metal, get extremely hot in summer and freezing cold in winter, damp and mould infected, detrimental for human health, especially young and innocent children who do not understand why they are confined to such basic existence while most of their friends live in comfortable suburbia homes with big gardens.  It is estimated 1:3 million live in such temporary accommodations that include hotchpotch B & B, overcrowded, filthy and neglected, Office Blocks and Shipping Containers. 

No wonder many children suffer from asthma, lung problems and similar illnesses associated with poor, unhealthy accommodation, not fit for the purpose that puts avoidable stress on our already overworked NHS, although many feel that it is better than sleeping rough on city streets, what a low expectation in a modern, wealthy nation! 

Most of these families are from war torn countries like Somalia, Eretria, South Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan and few more. Some of them have experienced such Container life-style in Calais but were expecting somewhat better living standard in hospitable England, supposedly “Land of Milk and Honey where streets are paved with gold! 

It is time for government to divert hefty sum from our ever bulging “Overseas Aid Budget” of some £15 billion to home front; to take care of our own poor, deprived, homeless, sick and disable people living in unimaginable hell that is difficult to comprehend for our Ivory Tower living politicians out of touch with reality at grassroots’ level but propitiate on international stage!

Kumudini Valambia        

By email

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