Cheap Tactics

Monday 03rd February 2020 07:13 EST
While reading the latest edition of Asian Voice, I was shocked to read about British Pakistanis’ latest protest at the Indian High Commission on 26th January. This doesn’t seem to stop! British Pakistanis have shown so much disrespect to Indians as well as Hindus by conducting protests on India’s Independence Day, Diwali Day and Republic Day. They have showcased low character in two folds. Firstly in choosing the days for these protests and secondly how they conducted them. If you want to protest against something then fair enough, react when that particular event happened not when Indians have got together to celebrate their Independence Day at the Indian High Commission or when Hindus are celebrating their biggest and most important day of the year. On 15th August, the amount of British Pakistanis got together, the way they gathered around Indian High Commission cornering peaceful Indian families comprising of mostly children & women along with the way they shown their anger & frustration was so shameful! Eggs, tomatoes & potatoes were thrown by strong & aggressive group of 5000 to 7000 British Pakistanis mostly men targeting peaceful Indians, 100s of men, women and children along with the Indian High Commission. Devang Bhatt,Basildon

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