Care home situation

Monday 09th March 2020 14:43 EDT

The situation in care homes is getting worse by the day. The weakest and vulnerable section of the community is suffering and paying the price for this unjust neglect by the government.

Now after making big promises to improve social care, PM Boris Johnson admits he does not have a work-up plan to end the social care crisis. His false promises are now unravelling.

The move comes after the prime minister acknowledged he had no proposals, despite claiming – as he entered No 10 last summer – to have a “clear plan to give every older person the dignity and security they deserve.”

Around 1.4 million people in need are already believed to be going without care, and the sector is plagued by 122,000 vacancies – even before a harsh post-Brexit immigration crackdown next year.

Now he is inviting suggestions from MPs as to how to tackle this problem.  Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, echoed the criticism, saying: “Unfortunately, this announcement, issued on a Friday afternoon, will not fill anyone who cares about the future of social care with much confidence. “It is always good for ministers to seek alternative views, but it is very disappointing that they appear not to be offering any of their own at this juncture.

On top of this crisis, the country is now facing the dangers of coronavirus which mostly affects the elderly people. At this stage, urgent action is required by the government on both fronts.

Baldev Sharma

Rayners Lane, Harrow

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