Wednesday 06th March 2019 07:37 EST

I have finally graduated from university. I now have a degree in Journalism. Straight after my graduation I arranged to travel and volunteer in Cambodia. I raised just under £1000 to work with underprivileged children in two schools.

I went for 10 weeks, it was an amazing once-in-lifetime experience and I’ll never forget it. With the help of my colleagues, I created a documentary on my time in Cambodia, you can watch it on YouTube:

This is why I was not able to respond to many of you after the questionnaire I put in the paper. Please do accept my humblest apologies

I'm back now and it's time for me to get back to work and in contact with you all. I am now in the process of going through the data from the questionnaire and analysing the results. 

From doing this, I will find out what kind of content you want to read.

Thank you so much for all of your responses, it was very refreshing to read your kind word in some of your letters too.

Dipali Limbachia

By email

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