Brexit upheavals

Tuesday 09th April 2019 14:33 EDT

It would a great disappointment for many if Brexit doesn’t happen. Theresa May’s sincere and tireless efforts to honour the result of referendum despite lack of cooperation and challenges from fellow MPs are commendable. Failing to deliver on Brexit is undermining democracy. The biggest downside of staying in EU is uncontrollable immigration. The immigration authority has consistently let down the British public on this issue year after year since UK joined EU. The ministers responsible must accept responsibility for their failure in this vital matter. It is up to them to find the solution for smooth transition to Brexit and get us out of the mess the country is going through. 

Britain has its strength. EU needs Britain as much as Britain needs EU. Good trading and other relations between these two are for their mutual interest. When things cool down, EU policy can be more flexible and accommodating.

In UK crime rates are escalating. NHS is under crisis. Country is divided. Uncertainty is looming. Businesses are suffering and economy disrupted. If the PM is confident about the deal that it will work for Britain,the cabinet members need to trust and respect her judgement and go ahead with it. It is high time Britain recognises its strength and think positive. No matter whatever decision taken,remain or leave, all will not be pleased. Let democracy be upheld and Brexit delivered.

Niranjan Vasant

By email

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