Benefit vs non-benefit

Tuesday 05th February 2019 13:23 EST

It is really sad to see genuine people are suffering because of UK government's faulty benefit culture system. I am a former Gurkha and a senior citizens and a first Gulf war veteran still working and paying my bills, courtesy of the UK government.

Pre July 1997 retirement pension are still paid according to the Indian pay code. And the terrorists like Abu Hamza and others are getting all the facilities provided by the UK government and enjoying their holidays, housing benefit and other benefits, paid by hard working tax payers.

I find it astonishing that UK government is spending billions of pounds for obesity and to help people quit smoking. I wonder why NHS is always on the red line and putting trillions of pounds of debt on the citizens' head?

Brexit is also creating a very toxic environment for its own people. I feel because of Britain's bad "karma" nothing is working out and it is becoming difficult for Prime Minister Theresa May and her government to have a stich in time.

Yam Gurung (rtd)

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