BBC and Kapil's Khichadi

Monday 02nd March 2020 12:01 EST

Over the last decade or so, I have always felt that the BBC has a politically left leaning bias. Also, that it’s reporting and coverage of India and Hindus tends to reflect an anti-India bias. I thought I was in a minority who felt this way so it was great to read Kapil’s article which means there are many other people who feel the same.

As a publicly funded broadcaster, I expect the BBC to be fair in its reporting but, in my experience, that is not always the case. The TV licence fee is a tax so I am glad to hear that the Government wants to review how it is funded in future. We should not be compelled to fund a broadcaster who then uses our funds to engage in unfair  or biased reporting on events in India or issues affecting our community in UK.

Unfair or biased reporting can be achieved in many different and subtle ways eg by being economical with the truth about certain facts or interviewing a more credible/articulate person to portray one viewpoint and a less creditable/articulate person to portray the other viewpoint depending on the biases of the BBC editors. A non-partisan viewer will most likely be influenced by the more creditable/articulate speaker. There are many such subtle ways of conveying your biases in reporting!

I have stopped watching BBC’s news and current affairs output for this reason. Mind you, Channel 4 isn’t any better in this regard but at least I am not paying for that Broadcaster!

Dinesh Rai

Via Email

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