Atrocities in New Zealand

Monday 18th March 2019 12:33 EDT

What significance the day, Tuesday, 22 March last year, was a black day for Brussels when bomb blasts, one at the airport and the other at a metro station, killed 31 and wounded 300 innocent people. This was in the wake of similar atrocities in Paris. This year, 22 of March witnessed mass killings in Christchurch in New Zealand - the land of kangaroos and koalas.

A mad man on a killing rampage killed 49 people and wounded as many more. These terror attacks would corroborate what Donald Trump has been saying all along. One wonders whether we are safe walking in the streets of London as these types of terror attacks can happen in a big city anywhere in the world. What drives people to go on a killing rampage and how can we find a way of stopping such killings from happening again. How can we make the world a safer place for us, our children and the posterity to live in? Inequality causes hatred and jealously. So does religion.

The inequality between the haves and have-nots must be the culprit and needs to be tackled in order that people the world over who are oppressed and hungry can feel satisfied and content with their lot. Religion must also be playing a part because, as history would indicate, many killings in the past and present have taken place in name of religion, as these last killings were.

Dinesh Sheth

Newbury Park, Ilford

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