As I See It

Monday 16th March 2020 09:34 EDT

It was really interesting to read “As I See It” by CB Patel viz. “Numbers are important but they are not supreme” (Asian Voice dated 14-20 March 2020). Arguments were logically supported by facts and figures along with interactions that Mr Patel had with people of different walks of life in India and outside.

Poverty, ignorance and eternal warfare are the main reasons for hatred created in the minds of different communities. To be fair, Muslims are enjoying equal or more rights in India than in most of the countries of the world. Instead of appreciating freedom of speech in the right way, some section of people, by using social media and TV channels, keep on spreading hatred against each other and try to weaken the fabric of society. Foreign media will have to change the perceptions towards India and its Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is going to take some more time but India in 1947 was different than it is today. As mentioned by Mr Patel, NaMo is not anti-Muslim or pro-Hindu but he has been trying to correct the ambiguity created by pre-2014 governments in using the term “secularism”.

PM Modi wants to give equal rights to different communities without doing any favour to a particular community in the name of a religion. Some sections of media and a few Bollywood celebrities are trying to vitiate the peaceful culture of the country. At times, Bollywood celebrities said that India has become intolerant and would leave the country, but none has left so far for religious intolerance.

Hitesh Hingu


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