Arun Jaitley - The Master Strategist of the Bharatiye Nation

Tuesday 03rd September 2019 17:21 EDT

India recently lost a nobleman, a rare unique breed who embodiment successful political structure of his country and led a foundation of wisdom and Law. From the young age, Arunji had a sound university education in political science, public relations and forming government policies. With his enormous  experience, he was a great support for guidance to the Indian Prime Minister.

Arunji held various portfolios:

- General Secretary of B.J.P.

- Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha.

- Prseident of the student union.

- Finance Minister, Minister of corporate affairs

- Defence Minister.  A Senior advocate in the Supreme Court

- Former additional Solicitor General of India.

Arunji was born in a family of lawyers His children, Sonali and Rohan are both lawyers. He displayed through his entire political career outstanding gifts of intellect, political wisdom, his utter love of his Nation and his standing revels the heights the government enjoys to-day. He displayed not only tactical ingenuity and political ferocity, but also political sagacity and magnanimity.

Arunji's strategical projection of the national socialism and the art of government saw B.J.P making great strides towards a massive political win and thus form a dynamic government. His policies, guidance, foundation structure were capable of explicating reality (success) on all levels.

History will record Arun Jaitley with the likes of other master strategists- Sir Winston Churchill,  President  Eisenhower and Margaret Thatcher.

Ramesh  Nehru

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