A Proud Indian

Monday 23rd March 2020 08:53 EDT

I read Bhupendra Gandhi’s letter of AV 14th March 2020 with keen interest. My humble request to you is, please don’t advise the Indians/British Indians by such slogans “I am a Hindu”. Please preach, I am a proud Indian. Every Indian should take great pride by calling himself a proud Indian like the Americans, British, Canadians, Australians, Europeans and rest of the civilised nations.

However, I very much enjoyed the rest of your informative letter. It was an eye opener, especially for our younger generation, as well a reminder of our great past.

Belief in one’s religion is a personal matter. The prayer you, me or anyone recites through different religious believes and languages, takes all of us to the same one God, who understands every one’s language.

This religious division and hatred is the cause of bloodshed going on through centuries. Look at Dehli recently or Godhra or 1984 riots 0 the partition in 1947, or even Hitler’s Germany, where millions of innocent Jews were gassed and many more endless atrocities in the world since the evolution of this mankind.

Let us be positive and spread positive thoughts.

BS Grewal

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