Superstitions over Covid-19 vaccine in Bhadran village of Anand

Wednesday 22nd September 2021 07:48 EDT

As the government is continuously striving hard to ensure smooth vaccination programmes, the greater challenge is posed by the suspicion and superstitions concerning the vaccine itself. The Anand administration has been facing issues with people having misconception around vaccination in the rural areas. A mysterious incident happened, when a team of medical staff reached Bhadran village of Anand, to vaccinate the people staying in the village.

Around 150 people of Bhadran village refused to take the vaccine and said, “We trust our Goddess and she has prevented us from getting vaccinated”. The officials tried to convince them and explained to them the need to get vaccinated, but they refused and eventually the team has to abandon its efforts. To reach the target of fully vaccinated district, Anand administrative officials are encouraging people of 351 villages to get vaccinated.

The group demanded written assurance from the officials that if anything went wrong, the government has to take responsibility for the fault. Despite of several efforts, people refused to take the vaccine, so the Medical Officer Dr Vashisht reported to the senior authorities.

The local administrative staff organizes meetings to spread awareness among the people, conducting door-to-door surveys to encourage people to get jabbed.

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