President Ramnath Kovind opens headquarters of Heartfulness

Wednesday 05th February 2020 05:24 EST

Indian President Ramnath Kovind inaugurated the global headquarters of Heartfulness Institute at Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad, on 2nd February 2020. Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent congratulatory message on the occasion. The Institute’s meditation centre is the largest in the world with a capacity of 100,000 occupants. Kovind, an avid Heartfulness practitioner, joined Heartfulness’ global guide Daaji and addressed 40,000 fellow practitioners saying, “Inner self-development through the practices of Heartfulness will help bring about individual and collective transformation across the globe”.

The event marked several days of celebration to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the organisation and included guests such as the renowned yoga guru, Baba Ramdev. The meditation centre has been dedicated to the first guide of Heartfulness, fondly known as Lalaji. Commenting on the inauguration, Daaji said, “Over five years, Kanha Shanti Vanam’s evolution into a magnificent wellness destination, complete with the world’s largest meditation centre, was possible due to the relentless efforts of thousands of our practitioners. Our work to ensure that Heartfulness remains timeless has just begun.”

The spectacular meditation centre can easily match the grandeur of global structures such as Sydney Opera House. Explaining its main purpose, Daaji said, “This meditation centre will be one of the most recognised symbols in the world in years to come. Recognised not just due to its magnificence but as a symbol of human transformation.”

The 1,400-acre Kanha Shanti Vanam with its iconic meditation centre has evolved into an epicentre of human transformation. This once barren area is now a green oasis with half a million trees, nurtured to create a microclimate in the region. It is a completely self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystem designed for the highest quality of habitation - be it human, flora or fauna. During his visit, the President furthered the greening of Kanha by planting the 500,000th tree.

With several million practitioners worldwide, Heartfulness offers free, simple practices throughout the UK for self-development and inner calm.

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