Isro hits another milestone as SSLV puts 3 satellites in space

Wednesday 15th February 2023 06:24 EST

With the successful launch of the SSLV-D2, Isro's newest and smallest commercial rocket, the SSLV, joined the market for small satellite launch services globally. After failing to successfully orbit the satellites during its initial flight on August 7, 2022, SSLV successfully orbited three satellites during its second developmental flight, including the US company Antaris' Janus-1 and the earth observation satellite EOS-07.

“We have a new launch vehicle,” said Isro chairman S Somanath after the launch. Last week, SSLV, which is 34m tall and weighs 120 tonnes, lifted off from the first launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. Around 13 minutes into the launch, the vehicle separated EOS-07, weighing 156. 3kg and 1. 6 minute later ejected the 10. 2kg Janus-1 and 8. 8kg Azaadisat-2 made by Space Kidz India. The satellites were intended for a 450km circular orbit.

Isro chairman said the vehicle used a new, cost-effective guidance and navigation system. In reference to the initial test flight, Somanath stated, "We narrowly missed putting the satellite in orbit due to a deficiency in velocity. To make sure the car was a success this time, we examined the issues and made the necessary corrections.”

According to mission director Vinod SS., Isro scientists realised five new pieces of hardware, a new separation system, and made adjustments to the navigation and guidance system within five months of SSLV's first flight. "A trip that began in 2018 has arrived at its final stop. We achieved our goal of having a cheap vehicle with a quick turnaround to provide launches on demand with this launch," he said.

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