Dalits in TN face atrocities every other day, says governor

Wednesday 15th February 2023 05:07 EST

Chennai: Tamil Nadu governor R N Ravi criticised the state government for what he called rising incidences of atrocities against Dalits, alleging that these debunk the DMK-led administration’s claim of being a protector of social justice.
“We have been talking so much about social justice. But, every other day here some atrocities against Dalits… either human feces thrown in the water tank of a Dalit colony or they are publicly humiliated and assaulted and not allowed entry into the temple or anganwadi centre will be separated,” Ravi said while speaking at the release of Tamil versions of “Modi@20: Dreams Meet Delivery” and “Ambedkar and Modi – Reformer’s ideals, performer’s implementation” in Chennai.
Pointing to the conviction rates of rapes against Dalit women, he said, “When it comes to crime against Dalits, the response of law enforcement and criminal justice system is awful. It pains to know in our state only 7% rape cases filed by Dalit women ends in conviction. In 100 rapists, 93 go scot free and we talk about social justice and Babasaheb.”
“CAG report says that the 30% of central allocation for building homes for Dalits go unspent. The remaining major part is diverted to some other purposes. I am not saying this, but the Comptroller and Auditor General of India report says. So much for social justice…” he further s aid. While speaking about the development, Ravi said: “At the macro level, we may proudly say that we are advanced, one of the progressive states of Indian union. But the fact is we have hunger, poverty, untouchability and we have a prejudice against women. ”
He further said a fundamental change has happened after Modi came to power as he saw the country as one family. “The world is moving towards India-centric global order and I have no hesitation to say that the single most impactful phenomenon of the 21st century is Modi,” he said, and asserted that “coalition of family interest coming together and trying to defeat and it won’t happen as the country is awaken today. ”

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