Another author in Tamil Nadu attacked for his book

Wednesday 04th March 2015 06:44 EST

Chennai: Last month, Tamil author Perumal Murugan's self-proclaimed "death" following protests against his books spurred a debate about freedom of expression. Now another author has been attacked in Tamil Nadu's Karur by activists who allege that his book has portrayed their community in poor light.

Pulliyur Murugesan's book, a collection of short stories, has upset members of the Kongu Vellalar community, who have demanded a ban on it. The short story in question of the book 'Balachandran Enra Peyarum Enakkundu,' sources close to the author say is on the plight of transgenders.

The police have arrested seven people for the attack on Murugesan. The protesters allegedly also damaged buses. The author is now in hospital but he is not seriously injured, say the police.

Activists belonging to the same group, along with pro-Hindu groups, allegedly hounded Perumal Murugan at his hometown Madurai recently, driving him to withdraw all books, short stories and poetry he has written so far.

In mid-January, he wrote on his Facebook page: "Author Perumal Murugan is dead. Only the teacher Perumal would be alive. People could have issues with my other books, that's why I've decided to withdraw them all...I shall pay due compensation to publishers..Don't indulge in protests and let me go."

Murugan's drastic step followed protests against his book, 'Madhorubagan', by local groups who alleged that it defamed the town it is based in, and its women. The author, a university professor, had to leave his home town because of the protests.

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