Sankarshan comes to Govardhan

by Bharti Taank Wednesday 10th May 2017 07:12 EDT

The tallest deity form of Lord Balaram (known as Sankarshan) was installed at the foothills of Govardhan (Vrindavan) last week. Lord Krishna devotees witnessed a unique sight when the statue, at a height of 24 feet, was installed across the Braj Bhumi. Thousands of Krishna devotees from all across the globe walk around the 21 km of Govardhan Parikrama path. The Balaram statue was given as a gift to Braj Bhoomi by Sri Srimanna Narayan Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. It was sculpted by a dedicated group of 22, who chiselled a monolithic black granite stone for over a year in the foothills of Tirupati-Tirumala hills. It was established on a 12 feet high podium at Sankarshan Kund, Anyore, Govardhan.

Development Director for Braj Foundation, Trikalajya Das said thousands of devotees from Delhi, ministers and senior officials of Uttar Pradesh and other eminent personalities witnessed the erection of the statue. For years, Braj Foundation has been working on a mammoth programme of restoring and recreating the Braj Bhumi heritage.

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