Egypt supports India on its fight against cross-border terrorism

Wednesday 01st February 2023 05:50 EST

Counter-terrorism efforts, increasing radicalisation and cyber security were among the issues that dominated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dialogue with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, with the PM saying in a statement later that both leaders agreed concerted action is necessary to end cross-border terrorism. The summit also saw India and Egypt elevating their relationship to the level of strategic partnership in an effort to ramp up defence, political, energy and economic ties. The two countries also signed five MoUs, including one for cooperation in cyber security and discussed ways to strengthen food and healthcare security.

The mention of cross-border terrorism is essential for India since it aids in the government's efforts to draw attention to Pakistan for its sponsorship of terrorist organisations operating in Pakistan with an eye toward India. It also jives well with India's perception that Egypt is one OIC nation that has resisted Pakistan's propaganda against India over the Kashmir dispute.

According to Modi, both India and Egypt are concerned about the rise of terrorism around the world and agree that it continues to pose the greatest security threat to humanity.

“Both countries also agree that concerted action is necessary to end cross-border terrorism. And for this, together we will continue to try to alert the international community,” said Modi.

Foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra later said both leaders strongly condemned the use of terrorism by countries as a foreign policy instrument and called for zero tolerance to terrorism and for “all those who encourage, support and finance terrorism, provide sanctuaries to terror groups, whatever their motivation may be”.

Modi added that there is a great deal of room to grow Egypt and India's defence and security cooperation. "Our forces' capacity building and combined exercise training have increased significantly during the past few years. We have also decided in today’s meeting to further strengthen cooperation between our defence industries, and enhance the exchange of information and intelligence related to counter-terrorism,” he said.

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