Global Spirituality Mahotsav left the participants with indelible learnings on spirituality and universal brotherhood

Wednesday 20th March 2024 07:29 EDT

The Global Spirituality Mahotsav concluded successfully with top-notch spiritual heads from various organisations. The session also saw an honour conferred upon Rev. Daaji by the Commonwealth Secretariat as the 'Global Ambassador of Peacebuilding and Faith in the Commonwealth'.

A string of enlightening talks from various gurus including Shri Bawa Jain ji – Secretary-General for the World Council of Religious Leaders; Dr Rollin McCraty - scientist, psychophysiologist, Executive Vice President and Director of Research at HeartMath Institute; Dr Joseph Howell - Founder of the Institute of Conscious Being among many leaders of many other organisations.

The four-day summit was attended by spiritual leaders from all faiths and beliefs on one platform at the world's largest meditation centre. The Hon’ble President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu, and the Hon’ble Vice President of India, Mr Jagdeep Dhankhar, graced the summit on 15 and 16 March respectively. The summit has been brought by the Ministry of Culture (Govt. of India) and Heartfulness themed "Inner Peace to World Peace". The conference has emphasised bringing interfaith dialogues and helping people of every age and every walk of life connect with spirituality in daily life.

Smt Droupadi Murmu - Hon’ble President of India said: “Global Spirituality Mahotsav will take humanity towards spirituality. Spiritual icons like Mahavir, Ravidas and Gurunanak have given India a unique identity as the spiritual hub of the world. Bharat is the land of ideals of Ahimsa and Compassion, the knowledge of our ancient sages gave us and strengthened which our great spiritual gurus are guiding us. Today the great spiritual leaders and lakhs of people have joined together to bring harmony irrespective of different belief systems.”

Rev Daaji – Guide of Heartfulness and President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission said in his acceptance speech, “My heart and head bow before you in gratitude. This award is not personal. This organisation would not have been recognized without you all. This award belongs to Heartfulness. And to the guiding force behind all this – the hierarchy of Masters. So far, we have been treading alone. With this Global Spiritual Mahotsav, many of the spiritual leaders including Maharishis, Transcendental Meditation headed by Maharajas, and Brahmakumaris to name a few among the list of 300 spiritual organisations- if each organisation with its ocean of abhyasis come together, what we all can achieve together.

It will be a wonderful moment to witness each one in harmony interacting with love, respect, trust and honour. Gods and Angels will descend on the planet to witness humanity creating heaven on earth. It is very easy provided we want to have it. Very simple little interest is required. Close your eyes morning and evening for five minutes, centre yourself, invoke God’s grace and see what all he can do through us. We pray with all hearts that, may Mother Earth become really a heaven on earth. Thank you. I cannot end this without thanking Rt. Hon Patricia Scotland – Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat.”

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