BAPS to organise grand birth centenary celebrations of Pramukhswami Maharaj

Wednesday 16th November 2022 08:11 EST

'Our good is in the good of others and our happiness is in the happiness of others' was the motto of Param Pujya Pramukhswami Maharaj. Keeping that motto in mind, the birth centenary celebrations of Pramukhswami Maharaj will be held as a month-long festival from 15th December. It will be organised in a vast area of 600 acres. The planning is executed by more than 1,100 saints and more than 70,000 volunteers have been contributed in this occasion.
This celebration will bring together religion, rituals, culture, and harmony, making it akin to a mini-Kumbh for Gujarat. These are the words of Aksharvatsal Swami, Senior Saint of BAPS Swaminarayan Institute. The centenary festival of Santvibhuti Brahmasvarup Pramukhswami Maharaj, who made unique contributions in the field of public service, cultural dissemination and spirituality, will be celebrated from 15 December 2022 to 15 January 2023 at Ahmedabad. Elaborating about this international level planning, he added that the month-long event will truly be a festival of spiritual inspiration.
Invitation to 15 heads of nations: PM Modi likely to inaugurate
 President Draupadi Murmu, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhard and Prime Minister Narendra Modi besides heads of 15 nations have been invited to attend this grand event. The festival is likely to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Of course, no official announcement has been made about this.
Pramukhswami Maharaj is a source of inspiration
 Aksharvatsal Swami said that the inspiration of this festival is Pramukhswami Maharaj, who is the spiritual successor of Brahmaswarup Pramukhswami Maharaj. Mahant Swami Maharaj is the epitome of the saintly splendour of Sanatan Dharma, clothed in the dignity of humility, piety, and devotion despite being at the pinnacle of spirituality.
A representation of saints' and volunteers' unwavering self-sacrifice
Pramukhswami Maharaj Nagar will be a symbol of this consciousness that he instilled in the volunteers from the saints. Since the planning of this huge celebration was undertaken a year ago, the Mohotsav (festival) will be completed with the incomparable contribution of hundreds of saints and thousands of volunteers.
More than 1,100 well-educated saints and a total of more than 70,000 volunteers who have dedicated their lives to the selfless love of Pramukhswami Maharaj will serve day and night for the festival. These volunteers, devotees and saints with various educational and social roles from different provinces have provided a unique example of service-dedication.

Pramukhswami Maharaj Nagar a 'Cultural Wonderland'
The town will be a 'cultural wonderland' with many inspiring creations. Cultural events ranging from national and international level seminars will be held there. If we look at the attractions of this town..
• Artistic entrances
Seven artistic cultural gateways have been constructed to enter Pramukhswami Maharaj Nagar. This gateway will be adorned with the great Jyotirdhara saints of Indian culture. The other six gateways are also excellent examples of craftsmanship. Each entrance with a length of 116 feet and a height of 38 feet will give an overview of the unique personality of Pramukhswami Maharaj.
As soon as you enter the town, a 30 feet tall golden statue of Pramukhswami Maharaj will be installed on a 15 feet high pedestal in the middle of a large circle. The life story of Pramukhswami Maharaj will be displayed in a circle around the statue.
• Incredible Journey to Akshardham Mahamandir
A 67 feet tall replica of the magnificent Akshardham Temple built by Pramukhswami Maharaj has been built in the middle of Pramukhswami Maharaj Nagar in Delhi. Here the pilgrims will get the satisfaction of completing a holy pilgrimage by seeing and praying to various forms of God.
• Inspirational exhibition rooms
There will be a unique presentation of five exhibitions on both sides of the Madhya Marg of Pramukhswami Maharaj Nagar. Visitors will be inspired by the exciting presentation of moral and spiritual values, family peace, de-addiction and national service.
• A Balnagari for children
The Balnagari (a city for children) has been created for children in 'Pramukhswami Maharaj Nagar' in 17 acres, where children will get the inspiration for rituals, education and service. Through the three chapters of Balnagari, children will be inspired by their parents' unending generosity and respect for everyone, learn the value of courage and prayer, and develop their own sense of self-worth through stories.
• Art-skills will blossom talent show
At the festival grounds, a talent show will be organised to showcase kids' and teens' talents. Children and young women will demonstrate individual and choral, classical and easy music, instrumental music, yoga demonstrations, and diverse cultural dances to inspire everyone with their artistic talent.
• Mahila Utkarsh Mandapam
There will be internal programmes and conferences for the uplift of women during the whole month. Many women dignitaries from India and abroad will grace the programmes presented by women, ladies and girls.
 • Yajnapurush Sabhagriha
A huge Yajnapurush Sabhagriha has been set up in the city, where programmes will be hosted with inspiring, contemplative discourses, devotional music and other heart-touching presentations by national and international saints, speakers, dignitaries etc.
• Light and Sound Show
 More than 300 children-youths will present messages of family unity, service, and philanthropy through colorful presentations at the festival venue. Spiritual and service activities like Vedic Yagna Kutir, Akhand Bhajan Kutir, Blood Donation Yagna, etc. will also be held.
• Jyoti Udyan (Glow Garden)
 A unique thematic park Jyoti Udhan (Glow Garden) has been created around the Akshardham temple at the center of the festival site, whose colorful design will delight everyone. Here different types of flowers, animals, and birds will give the eternal message of astrological formations, teachings, culture and scriptures.
• A colorful flower bed
 The whole world today is concerned about the environment and talking about the preservation of trees. Pramukhswami Maharaj organized various public awareness campaigns from tree plantations to protect the environment. In preparation for this, a nursery has been prepared in three acres of land. Flowers from Assam to Maharashtra to Gujarat and different regions of India are planted here.
 • Prayagatirth of Sarvadharma harmony
‘Religion is something that spreads mutual love' – By giving this unique definition of religion, Pramukhswami Maharaj, who continuously strives for the awareness of all religions and respect in the society, has respected the faith and tradition of every religion. As a pillar of Sanatan Hinduism, he has interacted with Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or other religious traditions and luminaries of many countries.

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