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Combat your cavities with an electric toothbrush

Monday 16th March 2020 04:30 EDT

Good oral hygiene is essential especially when you have a sweet tooth and cannot forego your daily consumption of sugary drinks and sticky toffee. Combatting cavities and taking good care of gums means flossing, and brushing your teeth twice a day. But how do you know if your oral routines have ensured your teeth and gums are in the pink of health?

An electric toothbrush helps you examine if they are. Many of them come with genius built-in tools features such as minute timers, special brush modes, and even real-time feedback. The brush bristles either rotate or vibrate when switched on, essentially doing all the hard work for you as you move the brush around your mouth.

DiamondClean by Phillips Sonicare is the most recommended electric toothbrush by the Dentists. It has different settings like Clean mode and Deep Clean+ mode, plus brush heads that address specific concerns like plaque control or gum care. It also works with the Sonicare app to guide you during brushing and alert to any missed spots.

On the other hand the Oral-B 8000 CrossAction bundle comes with position detection technology which uses your smartphone and facial recognition technology to provide you with real-time feedback about your brushing techniques. The toothbrush itself features a pressure sensor and five modes including whitening, gum care and sensitive.

Included with the brush are three replacement heads, saving you from paying for the travel kit. For charging the Oral-B 8000 uses a standard 2-pin UK shaver plug and has a battery indicator which helps you monitor the battery levels. The CrossAction toothbrush has a connected handle, which can make use of Oral-B’s phone app.


  • Minute timers
  • Special Brush Modes
  • Technology to combat and clean cavities
  • Real time feedback

Available from: £95.00

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