Ideal female bachelorette, trippin’ to Las Vegas

Monday 02nd March 2020 09:19 EST

It is called Sin City for a reason. If you are planning for a bachelorette and wondering where on earth can you have the best time with your girls? Then you can’t go wrong with Vegas. As cliché and mainstream as the “club creature culture” may have become, Vegas is the ultimate one-stop shop for getting smashed, slotting in money from the casinos and perhaps losing your engagement ring at the Sapphire strip club.

But in all this excitement, remember to fill out your ESTA form. An Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA), visa waiver is mandatory for all British national passport holders to enter or transit the USA as a visitor and is available with a fee of $14 per application. Direct flights operate from London Heathrow airport to Las Vegas Mccarran with a flying journey estimated around 15 hours and round-trip tickets available from £550.

Staying on the Strip

Vegas is best enjoyed on the strip and by stashing your bags in the plush rooms of any of the MGM hotels. From the Venice themed Venetian Resorts, to the Greek and Roman themed Caesar’s Palace, the choices are replete. Living on the strip is also more convenient as almost everything is located in the 5 mile walkway. However, if your heels can’t handle too much of your alcohol, perhaps you should buy that one day bus pass available from $8. Buses run 24*7 down the Vegas Boulevard and the strip. Passes can be bought from the nearest ticket vending machine.

Burger and fries at Gordon Ramsays Hell’s Kitchen

The flamboyant atmosphere of the city during the evening can be attractive but there is little to do during the day. And whilst the nights can become #aboutlastnight instagram stories days can be filled with hangover cures including a lavish lunch at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen. Now, if you are a vegetarian then spoiler alert: The portobello mushroom burger, onion rings and loaded fries perhaps might be the only options on the menu. But you can always compensate that with the big scoop of gelatin ice-cream from the sidewalk just outside the restaurant.

Bellagio fountain shows

But if you would rather order-in room service and save up all your energy for the nightclub sessions then perhaps, you should forego on appreciating the Greek, Parisian and Roman sculptures and architectures embellishing the interiors of most of the hotels. Perhaps, you could begin your drinking fest by first admiring the Bellagio dancing fountains. They are organised every fifteen to thirty minutes and the opera styled music playing in the background is a beauty not to be missed.

Skip the queues at nightclubs

Entering a nightclub can be expensive, especially if you plan to drink- a 300ml bottle of Artisan Water can cost about $9, so be prepared to shell out dollars if you are not acing your pre-drinks game. Depending on how often you party, it is now possible to maximize your dollars with the Hakkasan Group Party Pass which grants access to Hakkasan, Omnia, and the newly renovated Wet Republic, one of the busiest pool parties in Vegas for a total of 10 events over four days. It is available from $99.

Pro-tip: Vegas can be both expensive and cheap depending on where you buy your drinks, how you sneak into club nights as guests and how much you win or loose whilst at the poker table. But even if you don’t look like an 18-year-old Hannah Montana straight out of high school, ALWAYS carry your ID with you. Else no alcohol, no Russian Roulette or the club.

And what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

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