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Reshma Trilochun Wednesday 04th February 2015 11:35 EST

It's that time of the year again when lovebirds proclaim their love for one another and exchange gifts (and in some cases, vows as well). But Valentine's Day can make make many couples worry as they seem clueless about what they should gift or where they should go. Here are some ideas of where you could go to spend some quality time together and what you could gift each other.

5 Restaurants to choose from:

Bob Bob Ricard Restaurant (Soho)

Honestly, the name does not have the most romantic sound to it, but this 1920's themed restaurant will leave you spell-bounded! Situated in Soho, Bob Bob Ricard offers a range of cocktails, exotic meals as well as scrumptious desserts. 

Jamon Jamon (Leicester Square)

If Spanish food is what tickles your fancy, then look no further! The Tapas bar offers a range of Spanish dishes and if you'd like your try out some traditional Spanish booze, then look no further than Jamon Jamon. 

Vishal (Leicester)

Vishal in Leicester, deemed as one of the best curry houses by its loyal customers is the best choice for those living in the area. Whether it's non-vegetarian food you're searching for, or looking for some traditional vegetarian home style cooked dish, Vishal will turn out to be your perfect choice for Valentines Day. Plus, it won't be too damaging on your pocket. 

San Carlo (Leicester)

Going to San Carlo will feel like you've stepped into Italy. With fancy food, your love by your side and a beautiful ambience, what else would one need?!

Purnell's (Birmingham)

For all your Brummies looking to spend a spectacular time with their partner for dinner, Purnell's is the place to be. It may seem pricey but the food and service will make it worthwhile. 

5 Non Traditional Ideas:

Up in the Sky

The feeling of love can make you feel ecstatic and like you're on top of the world; then why not do just that. Take your love up on a hot air balloon. This would surely be an exhilarating experience and a memorable one too.

Getting Inked

Okay, this may make some squirm but why not go together and get a tattoo done. You can choose to get your partner's name on your body, a la Saif Ali Khan style, or you both could get identical tattoos of something which signifies your love for one another. And for the faint-hearted, I guess you both could make do with Henna tattoos instead.

Candle-Lit Dinner

For those who are fed-up of having to wait excessively for a table at a restaurant on Valentines Day, why not decide to bring the restaurant home this year? Well, not literally. Preparing the food in your kitchen and setting your living room as your candle-lit dinner venue would make your other half feel special after seeing all the effort you went through to make the night a success. Plus, it would be more intimate; just the two of you spending quality time together without the waiter intruding on your privacy. 

Me Time

Spas have become the “in” thing among couples in recent years. Why not book to get a massage done together. Everyone needs a bit of me time to de-stress, so why not do that together- it would be like killing two birds with one stone. 


If being in the UK has made you feel miserable for the past few Valentines Days then why not escape for the weekend. Valentines Day is on a Saturday this year, so why not make it a Valentine weekend instead, opting for a more romantic destination, such as Paris to celebrate the festival of love.

5 Gift Ideas for Her:

For those planning to propose to their girlfriends on Valentine's Day: why not buy her a ring from Tiffany and Co. That would be a guaranteed yes from her.

Perfume is usually a safe bet to gift someone as a present. Perfumes could make a great Valentine's Day gift as well, as long as the fragrance is something she approves of.

If your girlfriend is a gadget freak who also loves to read, then why not gift her a Kindle? You could purchase 10 of her favourite ebooks to go with it. Avid readers would love this gift.

Pictures say a thousand words. You could gift her a personalised portrait of you both on canvas. This is a more personalised gift which she would cherish.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the best option, saving you from making severe blunders. You could opt to buying her a bunch on roses with a box of chocolate and a bottle of champagne. This may just do the trick.

5 Gift Ideas for Him:

Ladies, admit it; we love it when a man smells great. Buying him aftershave or eau de toilette may be a good choice of gift, making him smell good hence, making you happy as well.

A watch is another great option. There are several types of watches ranging from different designs and prices.

If you want to gift him a pocket-sized gift, then you could opt for a wallet or cufflinks, or maybe both. These are items that he is most likely to use.

Now if you've been complaining about his dressing sense for a while and secretly wish to burn his favourite shirt, why not buy him some clothes of your choice. Deck him up as per your choice and fancy. 

For the gadget freak, you could opt for the new phone he's been eyeing to buy. If he's a music lover, you could choose to gift him Dr Dre's headphone's instead; he'd love it. 

For cine-goers:

If going to the cinema is more your thing and would rather watch a Bollywood release instead of the much awaited Fifty Shades of Grey, then go ahead and watch Roy or Shamitabh. Shamitabh, starring the legendary actor, Amitabh Bachchan along with the Southern star, Dhanush releases on 6th February while Roy, starring the handsome Arjun Rampal along with the beautiful Jacqueline Fernandez releases on the 13th February. Looks like you're spoilt for choice.  

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