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Mar 21 - Apr 20

A blast of personal energy comes your way, and showing your leadership skills works for you now. Romance and pleasure are highlighted this week. The flowing, expressive, and spontaneous energy surrounding you attracts like-minded people. Be sure to take time to enjoy yourself, preferably around others!


Apr 21 - May 21

Try not to be drawn into a contest of wills. Cooperation is the key to success in any dealings, be it personal or monetary. Job concerns may get you down a bit, but agreements will be reached with patience and diplomacy. You'll be able to successfully combine business with pleasure as new opportunities come your way.


May 22 - June 22

Charm is your ally in your dealings with others. Others will be impressed by you and your personable ways. Singles are apt to meet with new romantic opportunities. A good time to spend some time researching your investment options. Rely on your own research or your intuition. You need to exercise careful judgment regarding whom you'll confide in.


Jun 22 - Jul 22

You will feel energetic and confident as the week begins. New beginnings are favoured around now, as long as you do not bite off more than you can chew. Your thinking is inspired, so listen to your thoughts. This may be a time of expansion and improved opportunity and it would be unwise to let yourself become complacent. Affairs of the heart are likely to flourish.


Jul 23 - Aug 23

You are exploring and searching now, making connections, and paying attention to your immediate environment. Socially you are very popular and your communications strengthen your connections. You will be busy with errands, paperwork, phone calls, and light socializing. Siblings, close relatives and friends may play an important role in your life during this period.


Aug 24 - Sep 23

You will meet with chances now to improve your income and status. Be ready to capitalize on opportunity when it strikes. You will be sowing the seeds today for a future success. However, don't expect immediate results. Be patient and allow sufficient time for your efforts to reap the rewards. Remain positive and the pieces of your puzzle will begin to fit soon.


Sep 24 - Oct 23

Your charisma, appearance and self-expression are to the forefront. Spontaneity of expression is what this transit is about. Increased energy and a renewed feeling of confidence is with you now, so take advantage. There's nothing wrong with achieving your personal goals, it's time to carve your own path in life.


Oct 24- Nov 22

With Venus in your solar 1st house, this is a good time for your social as well as your love life. If you’re single you are likely to meet the person of your dreams. You could also benefit at work through a promotion. Organise your time so that it is not taken up entirely by the demands of other people.


Nov 23 - Dec 21

For those seeking amorous experience, the prospect could not be much more favourable - the fates are truly smiling upon you! Although the very practical affairs of life continue to be highlighted, this does not mean that there will be all work and no play. In fact, you will be very much in demand socially.


Dec 22 - Jan 20

The fiery planet Mars, continues to occupy your sign for some time to come. Its influence will help you to maintain a high energy level and achieve positive results in anything that requires drive and initiative. If you are involved in a fairly competitive field of activity, you will be the one who comes out on top.


Jan 21 - Feb 19

Improved productivity marks the beginning of the week, but your efforts may slacken later. You may be searching for some answers, but take care that introspection doesn't cause you to withdraw from others. With the Sun in your solar ninth house, you will be thinking of far off lands and some of you will travel.


Feb 20 - Mar 20

You will need to handle both business and personal relationships gingerly now.  A close tie may be quick to take offence or could take something you say in the wrong way. Innovative moves are favoured in business.  You'll make decisions about the use of joint assets. Follow through on commitments made to others and don't promise more than you can deliver.

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