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Mar 21 - Apr 20

You will probably have little cause to complain this week. However, underneath this positive surface you may be plagued by a feeling of restlessness. Try to strike a balance between material and emotional affairs ! It is now time to take stock, consolidate and plan ahead. Do not rush into anything without first thinking about the consequences.


Apr 21 - May 21

You will feel energetic and confident as the week begins. Although the very practical affairs of life continue to be highlighted, this does not mean that there will be all work and no play. In fact, you will be very much in demand socially. The accent’s very much on relationships. Your ruling planet Venus in your sign promotes all good things in life.


May 22 - June 22

Avoid get-rich-quick schemes and be cautious about other people's enthusiasm which is likely to be misplaced. Although there are very intense amorous energies indicated in your chart, the trouble is that these are likely to be marred by feelings of uncertainty. Existing emotional differences can be sorted out now with a bit of diplomacy.


Jun 22 - Jul 22

Your energy levels will be high and you will find much scope for taking fresh initiatives and getting fast results. Your communications are well lit up but you have to ensure that you do not upset people around you. Efforts to restructure and transform your lifestyle are more likely to meet with success. Experience you have built up in the past will now stand you in good stead.


Jul 23 - Aug 23

Try and work out where you want to make changes in your life. Once you know, don't hesitate to implement it. The planetary activity in your chart signals a time of mixed emotions as well as personal issues to be dealt with. Facets of your life that have been a source of restriction and dissatisfaction will begin to loosen their hold.


Aug 24 - Sep 23

An inspiring boost to matters of communication but make sure your curiosity on a range of topics does not lead to a scattering of mental energy. Focus on essentials and establish a solid foundation, so that you feel secure. The outlook remains optimistic and bring you a sense of real achievement. At home be calm and stay away from arguments.


Sep 24 - Oct 23

Much enthusiasm goes into professional ambitions right now, but you need to be your own boss in many ways. Circumstances will make you more determined to place your lifestyle on a foundation of greater security. Far-reaching change begins to gather momentum. Do not miss out on ways to better yourself in the coming weeks.


Oct 24- Nov 22

Relationships look great as Venus and Mars help to enhance your personal magnetism and put you in a gregarious mood. For some, a good time to get engaged or get married. There are subtle transformations taking shape in you life and a feeling of helpful influences in the background. There is much to suggest that you are in tune with your inner self.


Nov 23 - Dec 21

Mars and Saturn placement in your chart sets a rather challenging theme. Although this gives increased potential for tension and conflict with other people, it is also a time for retrospection. Unpredictable energies continue to influence your health sector, bringing erratic highs and lows. The key for you as always is to remain calm and collected.


Dec 22 - Jan 20

Relationships need to be scrutinised carefully. Of course, there are still challenging issues on both a personal and practical level. To get here you may have overcome obstacles by making important decision and choices. You will achieve a lot more, especially when you're motivated by your own desires. Sometimes it is a good idea to stand back and re-assess life.


Jan 21 - Feb 19

Try not to be drawn into a contest of wills. Cooperation is the key to success in any dealings, be it personal or monetary. Job concerns may get you down a bit, but agreements will be reached with patience and diplomacy. Once you get going there is no stopping you. Try and take up some healthy regimes, be it diet or gym.


Feb 20 - Mar 20

You will be feeling a bit edgy as the week begins. You will need to guard against the possibility of injury due to dashing first and looking later. Everyone is a bit sensitive now. Either you or someone you're dealing with may over-react - be calm ! Give yourself plenty of physical outlets to calm you down mentally.

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