Huge demand drives UK liquor exports to India

The UK Department of International Trade has pegged a 49.2 per cent increase in the export of Scotch whisky, gin, and other UK drinks to India in the last year ending February 2019.

India needs to focus on exports: World Bank economist

World Bank Chief Economist for the South Asia Region, Hans Timmer said that India's economic growth in recent years has been "too much" driven by domestic demand and its exports were about one third of its potential

The government is expected to close 2018-19 with a £6 billion shortfall in direct tax collections with mop-up till last week estimated at £113.8 billion, compared to the revised target of £120 billion

The £150 million emergency funding expected by Jet Airways has been shot down to £20 million in the best case scenario, as lenders led by SBI await RBI's fresh norms for debt restructuring after Supreme Court last week struck down the central...

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