Jet Air 2.0 to send many staffers on leave without pay

Wednesday 23rd November 2022 05:15 EST

About “one-third” of the stalled Jet Airways 2.0’s 230 employees (about 70) will be sent on leave without pay or face pay cuts of up to 50% starting December 1, 2022. The Jalan Kalrock Consortium (JKC), which had won the bid to revive the grounded airline under India’s bankruptcy law, is yet to make Jet 2. 0 fly due to disagreement over who needs to share past financial liabilities to different stakeholders including Jet 1. 0 employees. And now the consortium’s ability or intention to raise and infuse funds required for the airline’s revival is increasingly being questioned by the affected staffers.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation had revalidated Jet’s licence exactly six months back on May 20, 2022. But so far there is no sign of when the airline that had got grounded in April 2019 will fly again.

The consortium spoke of taking “difficult decisions” in a statement and yet again claimed to be committed to revive Jet. Except itself, the consortium pinned the blame for the delay on other stakeholders without naming anyone. JKC said it “…. has been, and remains, fully committed to reviving Jet Airways.

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